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Drawing the curtain on 2021 🥂

What a year/ 2 / how many years has it been since we were living in what we then knew as normal? 😳😂

As we prepare for our final in person workout of 2021 we look back and thank everyone that has been a part of this year and an exciting two years where we took our fitness to the next level and even challenged our minds to see fitness as possible in our homes too! Well done to everyone, whether you never missed a single workout this year or maybe only made one 🙄 (make it at least 2 this year!), everyone is part of this club, community and family. Wishing everyone a great end to the year and start to the next 🥂

And finally…

Goes from Virtual to Reality 🥋 See you shortly! 🥵

Get Ready for an Explosive 2022💥


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