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Always read the BACK of the label 👀 ignore the front

Sadly not everything out on the shelf in a supermarket for you to buy actually should be bought.

Are we still buying 'protein weetabix' 🫠

Head back and check out 'the proper fit podcast' (Now available inside the app) to gain a better understanding of the difference between brand marketing and product content.

The rule of thumb is generally to eat what you want regardless of the label BUT do so inline with what your goals are I.e if you want to look amazing... don't eat too much shit.

I'm pretty sure if I labeled an alcoholic drink... 'Protein Prosecco' i would be able to sell out before blinking😂 but the reality is that there are good sources of protein, sources of protein and things said to be 'protein' (in that order) .

Pick your lane,

want to drink alcohol just drink the alcohol?

don't look for the 'Protein Prosecco'

just understand it's not the time to get your source of protein in whilst stood in a pub and make sure that you don't kid yourself trying to up your protein intake by getting pissed!

The Proper Fit Podcast is available Free from the Welcome Tab here in the app


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