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Basics: Our Yoga Basics sessions are a really great class for beginners as well as experienced yogis. You will be introduced to yoga postures with a step-by-step verbal d...

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The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root word “yuj,” which literally means to yoke or unite. Bringing harmony between mind and body, it is an art of healthy living. 


The practice originated in India about 5,000 years ago and has been adapted in other countries in a variety of ways. It is practiced today by millions and styles include Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, Hatha, Power and Ashtanga. With such variety there is something to suit everyone. 


At CoreYoga, our classes combine core stability, stretching, exercise and meditation to help towards a healthier version of you. Expect to gain strength, flexibility and balance whilst boosting your physical and mental wellbeing. 


We offer sessions to suit all levels, whether you are new to yoga or an experienced Yogi we look forward to seeing you on the mat! 



See the different types of session we offer below.:

Basics: Our Yoga Basics sessions are a really great class for beginners as well as experienced yogis. You will be introduced to yoga postures with a step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. We move through the fundamental principles of alignment, and breath. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose. Muscles are stretched and strengthened through a sequence of static asana (postures) designed to leave you feeling renewed, stronger and more flexible.



Ha (Sun) Tha (Moon) is a Hindu word that represents harmony between the sun and moon. During this class we move into bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation techniques (dyana) with the goal of building a firm, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. This class is suitable for all levels.

In this session we will end with a Nidra, allowing you to relax into a guided meditation to get you ready for a peaceful end to your evening. 

(Our Hatha sessions are suitable for beginners)


Vinyasa Flow:


The practice of linking breath and movement together. During this class we will move through a sequence of postures which will be connected with a fluid sequence. We approach some more advanced postures, which sometimes includes inversions. The asanas are linked with inhales and exhales, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice. We can relate this style of practice to our own life, as we move from one situation to the next. Vinyasa is the experience of being alive, connected and free


Yin Yoga:

A slow paced traditional style class. Perfect for after a workout.

During this class we will slow things down, we hold each asana / posture for a number of minutes. The postures we will perform will help to balance our internal organs whilst improving the flow of breath, energy and circulation. By holding the postures for longer periods we improve on flexibility, release fascia and improve joint mobility. This class is also great to calm the mind and release stress and tension


Due to Covid-19 you are expected to bring your own Yoga or exercise mat.

You can also order your own chosen colour CoreYoga mat complete with your name just ask on arrival.